A perfect formula, conceived by the intuition of a young designer and entrepreneur, Gianluca Bocchetta, and the productive potential of Laserlam, leading company in Piedmont in laser cutting and metal processing. In 2011 Rugine was born. The philosophy and the concept of the brand are the result of the regional link of the company, which is located in Turin, capital of the twentieth century engineering industry and a container of numerous industrial and artisan companies, rarely used in the field of architecture and furniture, and of the know-how gained in the years leading up to the foundation of the brand. Rugine immediately specializes in the processing of strongly material metals. The design and production ability of Rugine reaches its cutting edge in products and architectural solutions in cor-ten, metal for which a unique and unpreceded process is developed, for pickling, oxidation and surface stabilization. The furnishing and fitting solutions are paradoxical, with minimal design, created by the use of industrial techniques, and finished by expert hands with centuries-old tradition, which give life to unique, exclusive and material objects. metal + design + tradition: Rugine.


Observing social metamorphoses, needs, changes; study the nature of materials, the workmanship, the finishes, the technology and the processes, reactions to surface treatments, extrapolating the ultimate expression of matter; experimenting with alternative and authentic solutions. Talking, discussing, communicating with craftsmen, suppliers, designers; exchange information, living projects. Looking for the true message of Rugine in minimal, ergonomic and timeless design. This is our design, our method, our mission.


With our products and our solutions, we want communicate our passion to our customers. The desire to do and to re-invent. The continuous search for quality, exclusivity and beauty. The rational use of raw materials. We love true solutions and genuine finishes, which do not mask defects and do not pretend inconsistent preciousness. Let's look beyond. Beyond the period, beyond the shape, beyond the finish. Our passion is growing, maturing experience and nourishing our desire to do.


Declared preference for a given subject, the cor-ten. Steel able to protect itself from electrochemical corrosion. It is a material with a glorious past in the industrial sector, often used in heavy structural work, due to its high mechanical resistance. Long lasting material, low maintenance costs, natural and intrinsically ecological, 100% and unlimited recyclable. Features of surprising ductility and chromatic naturalness. We bring to the metal traditional, original, rare or unusual materials, chosen to complete every Rugine work or complement. Precious wood worked semi-handcrafted, strictly solid, of Italian origins, carefully selected, fine and exclusive fabrics produced by the best Italian manifacturers. Our know-how is constantly evolving and matured thanks to the continuous research of new materials and new partners.

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